AUDIOropa is a division of the HUMANTECHNIK Group. The portfolio includes audio transmission systems, audiological systems and solutions for the realization of acoustic accessibility (inclusion).

Operators of event and conference centers, cinemas, theaters and other public institutions, such as banks or hotels, can listen to hearing impaired people, hearing aid wearers and wearers of CI systems using AUDIOropa technology in the acoustic process.

Function and use of induction loop systems

What is an induction loop system?

Using an inductive loop system, hearing-aid wearers can pick up the signals emitted by electric/electronic audio sources (microphone or hi-fi systems) directly in their hearing aids or CI systems. As a result, they hear the sound without any annoying background noise, echo or reverberation. An outstanding advantage of using induction loop systems: no special receivers are required. All that’s needed is the hearing aid.

Most modern hearing aids are now equipped with adjustable »M« and »T« functions. »M« stands for microphone, i.e. hearing the sound in the room via the integrated microphone, and »T« (telecoil) means that the audio signals are transmitted inductively and directly via a telecoil integrated in the hearing aid. Some hearing aids are also equipped with an »MT« function, which combines both types of reception, microphone and telecoil so that the listeners are able to hear the sound in the room as well as the inductively transmitted signals. 

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